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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (below) before you make your request. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I work Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 1770 in Brighton, UK. I also occasionally guest spots in London and Edinburgh.  Please check my Instagram for info of my dates and guest spots.

I will usually only book between 3 months and 1 year in advance. If you are travelling from overseas and need a very specific date, please send through an email and I will see what I can do to accommodate you.

Unfortunately, I cannot send out designs before the day, as I have had people take them and get them tattooed elsewhere. I will have your design ready for the day depending on what you are getting. I draw a lot of the designs on freehand so on the day I may have options for you to choose and we will then adapt them for your body.

I have lots of flash available. I also love doing custom work for you, so if you have any ideas please email them through I love to work on new things. Please keep in mind my style of tattooing as I love doing something individual and special for everyone but it must be somewhat in my style of tattooing.

Once you’ve sent your booking request, my Friend Freya will get back to you as soon as possible and get you booked in. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask her. All bookings require a deposit so please be prepared to PayPal over a deposit to finalise the booking.

You will have to PayPal your deposit for the booking but you can pay the remaining amount in either cash or PayPal.

Yes, usually this isn’t a problem. When sending your booking enquiry if you can include pictures of your existing tattoos and we can see if it’s possible to work with them, integrate, or cover etc. whichever you are after.

Most importantly is to keep it clean. A healing tattoo is like any other scratch etc. Make sure you keep it clean, if you get sweaty or it gets dirty make sure you wash it as soon as you can. The day after your tattoo when you wake up in the morning your tattoo may be a bit gunky, you must wash all of that off in the shower with warm soapy water. Don’t be scared to give it a solid wash the tattoo wont go anywhere, but you need to get rid of all that gunk as that can cause unnecessary scabbing. I would then let the tattoo dry out over the next few days, just making sure to wash it at least in the morning and in the evening to keep it clean. After a few days the healing process has begun and you can start using a small amount of cream to stop it from drying out, you want to avoid getting any large scabs on it. I recommend cocoa butter or just a good natural moisturiser.Make sure you wash the tattoo well before putting any moisturiser on, you don’t want to put fresh moisturiser over old moisturiser. If you have any queries or questions or you’re not sure if it’s healing properly, just email through and I will help you.

To book, please fill out the booking form aboce. My friend Freya will get back to you regarding booking in.

I cannot send out any flash before the appointment sorry. If you are after some of my flash I have books of it for when you come to your appointment, I will book you enough time to sit and decide on what designs you would like. If need be we can adapt them together.

If you change your mind on what you are after, you will have to get in touch as soon as possible. I only book enough time for every piece and you will have been given a quote for your design. Please do not show up to your appointment and request a different tattoo sorry.

I charge by the piece. When you are booking you will be given a quote for the design at the size and position you requested it. If you change your mind on the position or size of tattoo on the day you may be charged more than what you were originally quoted.

I will put all my guest spots on my Instagram at the bottom of my page in the info.

I would recommend not using numbing cream as it doesn’t always work well with the tattoo, and can slow down the tattoo or make it difficult for your skin to take the ink, and can also effect the healing process. If you are thinking of using numbing cream, please discuss this before hand.

I always suggest having a good night’s rest and a solid breakfast/lunch before your appointment. You will use a lot of energy being tattooed so you need to have some energy in your tank before you begin. If you are doing a long session bring some snacks and drinks with you.

Any art I do or info on commissions will be in my shop. If you live overseas and are unable to visit the U.K. for a tattoo I can design you a tattoo for you to get done back home. This will follow the same process as normal but I will email through a digital copy that should be ready to go for you. I don’t do this for every one so please email through to enquire.