About me

From a young age I’ve been around Celtic and Pictish art, growing up in Scotland around the old carved stones and architecture, this is what inspired me to start tattooing and look into my heritage.

Since starting tattooing in 2009 I’ve been working abroad in New Zealand, Canada, America, Asia and finally settling back to the uk in Brighton. this has inspired me to try new ways of working with Celtic and Pictish and other cultural styles for people of different backgrounds.

My process of working is always to work with you on the day with your ideas and mine in mind as this is how the best work comes out in my opinion and there is always a magic that happens from working together on it like this.

If you’d like tattooed i work between Brighton, London and Edinburgh but occasionally do travel abroad to work. Please get in touch via my booking form to discuss your ideas and ask any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting my site